Gloomy Monday - Rant on VT shooting incident

This is a typical Monday…alarm clock goes off in the morning but you just don’t want to get up and go to work…finally when you have enough determination to go to work, the weather is as gloomy as sh*t. On top of that, it was drizzling all the way and heavy wind, which is perfect to start a week with…

Barely made it to the company thanks to the roaring north wind. At some point the wind just continuously blows right in my face that I almost can’t breathe. Thank you very much, “global warming”!

Frankly, nowadays, I won’t be amazed by any atrocities committed by mankind. Apathy prevails after you see sad news almost everyday on TV. But when I heard the shooting rampage happened in Virginia right that hour, you just can’t sit back and shrug your shoulders and say “stuff happens”…32 young lives were taken right at that very hour. It’s appalling that a human being would open fire on other innocent fellow human beings just like shooting animals in a range. But probably what overwhelms me more is the frustration that the society keeps producing this kind of tragedy. Only in the past eight months, we see the same thing in Dawson college in Montreal, in a Colorado high school, the Amish school in Pennsylvania and now Virginia Tech. Ah, not to mention everybody’s favourite – the Columbine massacre. What the heck is going on with this world? It’s like the society that we live in has so many “bombs” that will set themselves off any time when they have built up enough determination that there’s nothing on this world to live for and see gunning everyone around down and then turning the gun on themselves as a thrilling way out.

Events like this will surely raise the controversy that should firearms be allowed for law-abiding people. Over the years I’ve been almost positive that guns should be allowed for self-protection. If one knows that everyone else has a gun, he would have think twice before action. But now when you think of it, this guy clearly has no fear for pulling the gun out. These people are putting everything behind their mind to pursuit the final “glorious” episode of their lives. Moreover, even if everyone owns a gun, would they carry their guns everywhere all the time? How hysterical would they be? Let’s face it, no one will carry his gun to school everyday even if it’s allowed. Then we’re coming to a sad realization that on one hand, you have this desperate psychopath who’s armed to the teeth, and on the other hand, the general public who left their guns in the safe…how would owning a gun help in this scenario?

King Solomon in Ecclesiastes wrote that without God everything is vanity. Clearly this society is drifting away from God’s law and mental breakdown like this is bound to happen when a raging godless generation is raised up with violence all around them and an easy access to firearms. However, one question keeps bouncing in my head is this…how come a vast majority of these campus rampages happens in America where there’s still a substantial Christian population? Why things are way more peaceful in the largely godless Northern Europe? Not that I’m hoping this to happen to anyone, but it’s just something that makes you wonder.

Well, this killer, whoever he is, although dead, obviously made a mark for himself in the history in notoriety. But however the mainstream condemns his action, this guy is going to be worshipped by the countless wannabe’s who are hiding out there. To them, he will forever be an anti-hero and role model by their perverted world view. Just look at how the Columbine kids inspired that Dawson College killer who claimed one victim. Now this guy with his record set to 32, how long will we see another such “fish-in-a-barrel” shooting by those “copycats” trying to top the killing list?…With everything nowadays being a controversy, nothing in the society will ever get fixed at a reasonable rate. The world is like the Titanic – magnificent on the outside but being huge in nature makes it hard to steer. Is our Titanic heading towards an iceberg?

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